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What Is EasyFMD ?

  • EasyFMD is an easy to use software application that provides all the necessary functionality to connect to your National Medicines Verification System ("NMVS") to allow you to meet your obligations arising from the

    Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU)


What Type Of Organisation Is EasyFMD Suitable For ?

  • Suitable for individual community pharmacies, larger pharmacy chains, hospitals, wholesalers as well as any other organisation that is obliged to verify the authenticity of medicines and/or decommission packs via your NMVS.
  • No matter what the size of your organisation, EasyFMD can help.

Features & Benefits

  • Stand alone Windows application, so no need to upgrade your current dispensing system
  • Certified for use with both


    NMVS and


  • Facilitates both online and offline scanning
  • Supports Verify, Supply, Reactivate and Decommission
  • Prepare Prescription functionality for prescriptions made up in advance
  • Certified for both single and bulk of pack transactions
  • User friendly interface
  • Multilingual
  • Touch screen friendly
  • Highly configurable and customisable
  • Fully multi user
  • Comprehensive online help
  • Comprehensive security (including Active Directory support)
  • Full transactional history of every pack scanned
  • Head office upload functionality available for larger pharmacy chains
  • Supports 2D barcode readers that use serial port emulation mode (recommended) and/or keyboard wedge mode
  • Optional

    high speed conveyor

    solution capable of handling up to 3,500 packs per hour. To watch the video click

What version of EasyFMD do I need ?

  • EasyFMD Lite : Developed for individual community pharmacies. EasyFMD Lite provides all the necessary functionality to connect to your NMVS using hand held barcode scanners.
  • EasyFMD Plus : Developed for larger pharmacy chains, small hospitals and smaller wholesalers. EasyFMD Plus provides all the necessary functionality to connect to your NMVS using hand held barcode scanners.
  • EasyFMD Enterprise : Developed for large hospitals and large wholesalers requiring high volume scanning capabilities. EasyFMD Enterprise works in conjunction with our versatile high speed conveyor scanning solution and is also compatible with hand held bar code scanners.

Fully Functional Evaluation

Fully Functional Evaluation
  • We firmly believe that the best way to evaluate any piece of software is to try it out. We therefore have a fully functional time limited evaluation version of EasyFMD that you can download, install and evaluate (at no cost and with no obligation). Simply go to our Downloads Page

How Much Does EasyFMD Cost ?

Got A Question ?

  • If you have any further questions or queries in relation to EasyFMD or the Falsified Medicines Directive in general, then please contact our Customer Helpline number above, or email us at
Minimum System Requirements
Windows 7 SP1

Windows 7

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1

Windows 10

Windows 10
(v1607 or greater)

Windows 11

Windows 11

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server

If you have any queries about the suitability of your particular system, please fill out our Feedback Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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